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Oreninc Index Doubles

The Oreninc Index doubled for the week ending December 11, 2014. Total dollars announced jumped to $157.7m, an eight-week high. Five brokered deals were announced for $34.1m, a four-week high; three bought-deals were announced for $9.7m, a three-week high.

Deal-making continued to stay somewhat active with Vale’s (NYSE:VALE) sale of a 14% stake in its Moatize coal project in Mozambique to the Japanese trading company Mitsui & Company (TYO: 8031), who led the charge. The deal for the stake in the property is worth $638m (USD), with an additional $313m (USD) being paid by Matsui & Co. for a 35% stake in the related Nacala Logistics Corridor. Commodity prices for the week were highlighted by gold’s rise to above $1,220 an ounce, ending the week there. 

It’s hard to find positives in this market, but the fact that deals are getting done and there seems to be some amount of appetite for investment as the year comes to a close is a positive. As we’ve said in weeks past, it would not be surprising to see an influx of flow-through financings in the weeks leading up to the end of the year, but it would also not be surprising if that didn’t happen given the state of the financing market. We’ll see how next week--the last Index reading of the year--will fare. No breaths should be held over the next few weeks.


Oreninc Index Settles into Slump

The Oreninc Index fell further for the week ending December 4, 2014. Total dollars fell to $38.6m, a four-week low. Two brokered deals were announced for $1.9m, also a four-week low; no bought deals were announced for the third time in five weeks. 

Deal-making picked up this week, led by Aston Bay Holdings Ltd.’s (TSX-V:BAY) announcement of the signing of their Definitive Earn-In Agreement with a wholly owned subsidiary of Antofagasta plc (LON:ANTO). 

Metals prices rallied with gold hitting a five-week high on Monday the 1st (though coming back down to around $1,200 to end the week) and iron ore moving up to its highest level since mid-November, which while not huge news, is certainly better than the fall it had in recent weeks.

As the holidays approach, it seems that bankers and executives are gearing up to be out of the office and investor's checkbooks may be tapped. There is always next year....


On Thursday, December 4th, Benjamin Cox participated in a Technical Session at AEMA's Annual Meeting in Reno/Sparks, NV. To view Benjamin's presentation--what it takes to raise money today--please click on the image below.


Oreninc Index Declines

The Oreninc Index declined for the week ending November 27, 2014. Total dollars fell to $101.4m, a three-week low. One brokered deal was announced for $2m, a three-week low; and no bought deals were announced for the second time in four weeks.

The US Thanksgiving did not close Canadian markets, but it did seem to impact dealflow as no major deals were announced. Oil had a truly horrific week, falling to $70 a barrel on news that OPEC does not intend to alter crude production. Iron ore also had another miserable week, falling below $70 a ton for the first time since 2009. In better news, gold seems to have leveled off and, at least momentarily, stymied the fall that it has experienced since summer. As we head into the holiday season, it will be interesting to see if companies take advantage of raising last minute flow-through, as has happened in previous years, or if they close the doors and bunker down for a very cold winter.


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