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In part three of our ongoing education series -- compiled from Benjamin Cox's guest lecture to a UBC Mine Business & Finance graduate class -- Benjamin discusses the impetus of technological growth. Who will give up their fridge or cell phone after finally getting one?

Oreninc Index Falls As Total Dollars Announced Rises

The Oreninc Index fell to a three-week low even while total dollars announced increased during the week ending April 10, 2014. Total dollars announced increased to a four-week high; brokered and bought deal dollars raised also climbed to four-week highs. On the downside, the five-week moving average fell to its lowest level since September 2013.  The markets are down from the start of the year, but remain at higher levels than 2013.


Benjamin Cox takes an in-depth look at the difference in perspective required to bring a deal together between a junior, a major, and/or the Chinese.

Oreninc Index Increases Slightly for Second Straight Week

The Oreninc Index continued to creep up slightly for the week ending April 3, 2014. While not showing any significant gains, the increase in performance is a positive development. Dollars announced increased to $60.7m, a three-week high. Eight brokered deals were announced for $30.2m, and three bought deals were announced for $23.2m, both three-week highs. Although the Index improved for the second straight week, the five-week moving average fell to its lowest mark in six weeks; it may stay at this level for the foreseeable future as the big dollar financings start to melt away. 


Benjamin Cox gave a guest lecture to Simon Handelsman's Mine Business & Finance graduate class at the University of British Columbia, part two of which focuses on Oreninc's philosophies for selecting commodities. This series will continue in short installments in the coming weeks.

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