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Oreninc Index Goes Nowhere

The Oreninc Index remained stagnant for the week ending August 28, 2014. The five-week moving average also fell to its lowest level in over a year. Total dollars announced dropped to $84.4m, a two-week low. One brokered deal was announced for $10m, a two-week low; no bought deals were announced, also a two-week low.

Deals were quiet, as one would expect going into Labour Day weekend and the unofficial end of summer. Commodity prices were all over the place, with palladium hitting a 13-year high even as platinum continues its summer downfall. Iron ore also fell, continuing its horrid 2014. In a sentiment that has been repeated many times over the past couple of months, this truly was a week the industry would like to forget.


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In the words of Benjamin Cox, "As an investor, operator, and merchant banker, I am happy to see all the short-term pain in the industry. We are going through a thinning process that will, in the near-term, hurt everyone and everything, but in the long-term, put the industry on better footing." To see his reasons why, click here or on the image below to view the full article.




Oreninc Index Rises but Remains in Late Summer Slump

The Oreninc Index rose, but remained fully entrenched in the depths of a summer slump for the week ending August 21, 2014. While it increased a decent margin from the week before, this marks week three of the worst three-week stretch of the past few years. Total dollars jumped to $67.6m, a four-week high. Four brokered deals were announced for $18.5m, a three-week high; one bought deal was announced for $12.5m, a four-week high. 

The biggest news of the week came with BHP announcing their intentions to spin off non-core assets into a new company that will be run independently (100% of the shares of the new company will be distributed to their current shareholders). BHP says they are demerging assets that they consider not part of the future of their core business (many of these are operations gained in the 2001 merger). Shares fell 5% on the news. Gold prices hit a two-month low after the United States Federal Reserve’s July meeting minutes indicated that the organization was slightly more likely to increase interest rates if the economy continued to gain strength. The TSX-V composite index did rise marginally this week, though junior miner North American Nickel (TSX-V:NAN) fell 40% on news of their summer drill results.

While the Oreninc Index’s numbers are certainly disappointing, Labour Day can be seen in the distance, and with it the promise of bankers back at their desks and companies back trying to raise money. The question is whether this unusually poor August is just part of a lazy summer or a sign of an equally disturbing September to come.


Benjamin Cox covers how to properly assess and value your project for those discussions with potential interested parties.

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