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Top 10 Gold Financings - May 2019

  • Gold accounted for five of the largest financing's closed in Canadian capital markets in May although it was pipped to the top spot by copper through the $40 million raise by Nevada Copper.
  • The top ten  financing's aggregated $124 million of the $198.6 million announced, representing a whopping 62.4% of the total.
  • GT Gold lead the gold rankings with a $17.6 million financing with the top ten yellow metal  financing's aggregating $66.5 million, some 33-5% of the total. In all, gold accounted for 49.4% of the number of  financing's .
  • Nevada Copper led the base metal  financing's with the top ten aggregating $76.5 million, some 38.5% of the total.
  • Of the 89  financing's that closed, 64% were for less than $1 million, a further 24.7% were for less than $2 million and just 3.4% were for more than $10 million.
  • Projects in Canada accounted for 30% of the funds raised, some $59.5 million, within which projects British Columbia drew $39.7 million followed by Quebec at $9.4 million


Congrats to the following for making the list:

  1. Oxford Mining
  2. Klondike Gold
  3. Golden Ridge Resources
  4. Contact Gold
  5. Para Resources
  6. Royal Road Minerals
  7. Euromax Resources
  8. Ascot Resources
  9. GT Gold


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