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Oreninc Index Hits Three-Week Low

The Oreninc Index hit a three-week low in the US Election fueled week ending November 10, 2016. Total dollars announced fell to $97.8m, a three-week low. Two brokered and bought deals were announced for $45m, both three-week lows.

The metals world was turned upside down with Donald J. Trump’s surprise election victory in the United States, with industrial metals posting an extraordinary week with copper and iron ore the most impressive, hitting 18-month and two-year highs respectively. Gold was the expected outlier, ending the week at it’s lowest price in four months. The biggest M&A news from the week was South32’s (ASX:S) acquisition of Peabody Energy’s (OTCMKTS: BTUUQ) Metropolitan Coal Mine in Australia for $200mn.

Since the last Oreninc Index, published for the week ending February 11, 2016, the Index has raised nicely, performing at a higher level than it has in years, particularly over the summer months. Shorter term, the index is still performing well, and it will be fascinating to see how the seemingly sudden shift in metals price affects explorers ability to raise money over the coming weeks and months.



Number of financings decreased to 37, a three-week low.

Two brokered financings were announced for $45m, a three-week low.

Two bought deal financings were announced for $45m, a three-week low.

Total dollars fell to $97.8m, a three-week low.

Average offer size dropped to $2.6m, a six-week low.


Major Financing Openings:


·                  Arizona Mining Inc. (TSX:AZ) opened a $25.01 million offering underwritten by a syndicate led by Scotia Capital Inc. on a bought deal basis. The deal is expected to close on or about December 6, 2016.

·                  Timmins Gold Corp. (TSX:TMM) opened a $20.02 million offering underwritten by a syndicate led by National Bank Financial Inc. on a bought deal basis. Each unit includes a 1/2 warrant that expires in 18 months. The deal is expected to close on or about November 30, 2016.

·                  Kaizen Discovery Inc. (TSX-V:KZD) opened a $7.3 million offering on a best efforts basis. The deal is expected to close on or about November 18, 2016.

·                  Titanium Corporation Inc. (TSX-V:TIC) opened a $6.53 million offering on a best efforts basis.  


Major Financing Closings:


·                  Mitra Energy Inc. (TSX-V:MTE) closed a $53 million offering on a best efforts basis.   

·                  Rubicon Minerals Corporation (TSX:RMX) closed a $45.01 million offering underwritten by a syndicate led by BMO Capital Markets on a best efforts basis.   

·                  Eco Oro Minerals Corp. (TSX:EOM) closed a $20.1 million offering on a strategic deal basis.

·                  Select Sands Corp (TSX-V:SNS) closed a $16.46 million offering on a best efforts basis.



Prepared by Paul Ostrow

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Rick Rule on 3 things investors should look for

Rick Rule on 3 things investors should look for


In this interview, Rick Rule speaks to Hannah Bernard on how the Sprott Natural Resource Symposium sold out in only one month and why we’re looking at one of the biggest shifts he’s ever seen in the resource sector. Rick goes on to talk about what 3 things investors should look for when investing in the resource sector and what is the right percentage of resource stocks you should have in your portfolio.

This story was provided by Market One for commercial purposes.

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Mining legend Lukas Lundin on his rules to success

Mining legend Lukas Lundin on his rules to success

Lukas Lundin sits down with Marin Katusa to discuss the resource sector and how he manages his companies

Mining legend, Lukas Lundin, currently serves as a Chairman and Director of numerous publicly traded companies and is the head of the Lundin Group of Companies. As the Head of Lundin Group, he is involved actively in the exploration, development and production of copper, cobalt, zinc, nickel, lead, gold, uranium, iodine, nitrate fertilizers, oil and gas and diamonds. Throughout his career, he has been responsible for various resource discoveries and has also led numerous companies through very profitable business acquisitions and mergers.

In this interview, Lukas Lundin speaks with Marin Katusa, founder of Katusa Research, on his rules to success and explains his mantra of ‘no guts no glory’. Lukas goes on to talk about 3 commodities he is most bullish about, why green energy is the future and the magnificent 1,000+ carat diamond that was uncovered by Lucara Diamond. He also explains which commodity could have a black swan event in the next 5 years.


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Oreninc.com returns from artificial hibernation with new management team and focus


Vancouver, BC – September 27, 2016 – After seven months of artificial hibernation, Oreninc.com is finally back doing what it has been doing so well over the last five years, providing the latest financing information to the investment community in the junior commodities space.


With its proprietary Oreninc Deal Log (ODL) database, Oreninc provides much needed transparency in an impenetrable jungle of financing information. Investors, analysts and company executives alike turn to the ODL as it presents clear, accurate and concise data in a digestible format.


“Benjamin Cox and his team have done an exemplary job over the last five years by building a database that seeks comparison in our industry, and by providing transparency in a market that desperately needs it,” states Kai Hoffmann, CEO of Soar Financial Canada Corp. “We are honored that Benjamin entrusts us with the Oreninc Deal Log and are excited to be continuing his legacy.”


“It is our goal to develop Oreninc into a buzzing hub for financing information in the North American junior commodity space. Not only do we plan to achieve this by continuing to provide users with free access to our proprietary database, but by adding exclusive value-added content. We are in advanced discussions with a few select groups and are planning to announce our first partnerships in due course. New features will be implemented step by step over the next few months.”


Backlogging of financing deals is currently ongoing. The team is working day and night to close the existing gap in the ODL database that was created when Oreninc stopped operations mid-February.


“The sentiment for financings, especially for companies operating in the precious metals space, has seen great improvement in recent months. We cannot wait to publish our first update of the Oreninc Index since February 17th, providing clear evidence of how well the market is really doing,” comments Hoffmann.


Soar Financial Canada Corp., a Vancouver, British Columbia-based private entity, has recently taken over the Oreninc assets from Oren Inc. 


“We would much like to thank Paul Ostrow for making the transition such a smooth process and for his support in getting us up and running,” notes Kai Hoffmann.


“We would also like to thank our inaugural sponsors AuRico Metals Inc. (TSX: AMI) and NuLegacy Gold Corp. (TSX.V: NUG) for their support. Without them Oreninc might still be a sleeping giant.”


If you are not yet a subscriber of our daily, weekly and Oreninc Index newsletter, you can subscribe for free at www.oreninc.com/subscribe.


About Oreninc.com

Oreninc.com is North America’s leading provider of relevant financing information in the junior commodities space. Since 2011, the company has been keeping track of financings in the junior mining as well as oil and gas space. Logging all relevant deal and company information into its proprietary database, called the Oreninc Deal Log, Oreninc quickly became the go-to website in the mining financing space for investors, analysts, fund managers and company executives alike.


The Oreninc Deal Log keeps track of over 1,400 companies, bringing transparency to an otherwise impenetrable jungle of information. The goal is to increase the visibility of transactions and to show financings activity in a digestible format. Through its daily logging activities, Oreninc is in a position to pinpoint momentum changes in the markets, identify which commodities are trending and which projects are currently receiving funding.


Contact us, if you are interested in customized Sector Pulse Reports, Broker Tear Sheets or Natural Resource Financing books, examples of which can be found on our website.




Oreninc and Oreninc.com are brands of


Soar Financial Canada Corp.

410 – 325 Howe Street

Vancouver, BC V6E 1Z7

E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  |www.oreninc.com


For further information and sponsorship enquiries please contact:


Kai Hoffmann, CEO

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | T: +49 69 175 54320



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Oreninc Deal Log Signing Out

Dear Oreninc Subscribers,

After five years of publicly tracking the metals & mining and oil & gas junior equity markets in Canada, we are throwing in the towel.

After much thought, we are shutting down our current data and research publishing. We are doing this for many reasons, namely because we don’t want to get into the newsletter writing business, stock promotion business, or the EMD business, and those seemed to be the only natural courses for the business moving forward.

Our team has reached a point where we have higher priority projects to work on over providing free data to a market that does not seem to value it.

If there is a buyer who wants to take it over, we are happy to sell it rather than shut it down. Unfortunately, parties who have approached us did not see the value in market transparency, which is what we always saw as the core value to our service.

Our team will now be focusing on consulting, which is where we have seen success as a business. In selling services, the data business got our foot in the door and gave us name recognition, but lately it has distracted from our core strength, which is strategic planning. We will be staying in the space and are not going anywhere by any means. This is simply a change in focus.

We will keep the Oreninc Deal Log up through the end of March, but starting today it will no longer be publically updated. In addition, yesterday’s Oreninc Index will be our last. Expect a new stripped down website starting in March.

On behalf of the Oreninc team, both current and past, I’d like to give a huge thanks for all of the support over the last five years. To everyone who read our emails religiously, would pass our reports throughout their office, came up to us at conferences to tell us how much they valued our work - thank you. It was and is still much appreciated.

Best of luck,


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